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182: Black Hamer

There is Black Hamer, and then there is After Black Hamer. If you are fortunate enough to know what Black Hamer is, then by all means fill me in, because I have not been able to suss it out. Try as I may. Also, if you see this Black Hamer sign around anywhere, go check it out. My spellcheck keeps wanting to correct me into "hammer" weird.

But try not ask too many questions, do not make everyone all nervous and shit, just go with it. And if anyone looks at you weird when you show up I suggest doing one of two things 1) flip them off and then mind your business like you belong or 2) punch them in the face and then act like they were asking for it.

Don't do that. That is straight up mean. (Note the Zone in the top photo).

I think, if I may be correct that Carey S-H and Ethan, or "Thar" as he is known in some circles teamed up on the design of these little spoke cards. I like the hand drawn element as well as the slight nod to the travel pass.

While you are at it out my new Favorite Blogger Amanda. Her take on this event is much better than mine. I think because she has some idea of what is going on. Send her stuff. Comments. Love. T-shirts. Whatever it is just send it to her. It doesn't matter. She's prepping for the Big Blam at the beginning of February.

I have heard for a while that there are some fun places to ride at night around here. So I set out to find them. I didn't. I got lost. They told me where to go and as soon as I took off. Whoa, way lost. Rumor has it that the route was even marked. No Biggies Smalls, as I have taken to saying lately (it is better than getting a "Blow J Simpson" if you ask me).

Srrrsly. I was so lost it wasn't even funny. Except it was funny, because after about 2.5 minutes of being lost I resigned myself to that fact and then just cruised around in the woods. Enjoying the wet dewy sensation of just riding around in the woods. At one point I went crashing off the trail and into the underbrush, to which I just lay there laughing my ass off before getting up to ride my bike.

This is Kyle giving my Hayes Nine the Stink Eye. No idea why? Maybe it is because I have this "rigid" fork whilst he cruises rough terrain on that cushy beast he calls a fork sucks up all the hits? No one knows what that look means.

When we reached the top then we started our descent to the rock at the bottom. But first we gathered and went over the rules. "This is a timed event" said no one in particular (he wished to remain unnamed) and then we went off in Time Trial fashion. There was no start gate, only a bearded man telling you when to take off. This is just an example of a man with a beard, so you know what I'm talking about. A sexy man, albeit.

We parked our bikes in a tree while we waited. Seemed like the right thing to do at the time. You know, humans asserting themselves over nature. How it should be.

Myles and I had a good time chatting because we were at the ass end of the start. Which meant for about 3o minutes we just stood around like any good citizens would, waiting. There were, maybe, three people after myself, but it did not matter, because as I mentioned before, I saw no one the whole time. Completely enveloped in darkness except for the glow of the CatEye.

All in all, this was one of the most fun nights that I have had on the bike in a long time. Or at least since the last before that that I rode. And the time after for that matter. But it didn't matter and that was the point.

Then we celebrated by hitting up the Cig Machine. No Export A's? Out of luck again.

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