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162: Tim and USGP Day 1.

Tim Johnson, you were right, those who guessed. I was going to try and play it off like it was Steven Hunter or James Selman, both celebrities in their own right. But, alas, it was Tim Johnson. It was great that he could take some time to hang out with us and cruise around on some cross bikes in the woods. Or if you are CD, do some mountain bike time trialing.

The best part about hanging out with Tim though was that he really did want to hang out. Steven said later that day that talking with Johnson was like spending some time with your riding buddies. Or something to that effect. You talk about riding, you talk about cars, you talk about women, you talk about the sex offender iPhone app. You know, the usual.

Then we took a group shot, tried on some t-shirts, made CD answer the phones for us and that was pretty much that. Then it was time to eat again. The cold weather makes me hungry. Maybe it has something to do with waking while it is still dark outside and trying to keep up with this guy and at the same time trying to keep warm. For some reason it is really cold here these days. Which is apparently a change from the East Coast and something that I was hoping to leave behind.

USGP – Day 1

The next day was USGP time and I was psyched to head out to Portland International Raceway to check out the racing. All the big guns were in town as this is a great "warm up and shake the legs out" for those cyclists traveling from around the country to race in Bend next weekend. What a smart move and great way to go for the local racing scene.

As we entered the venue Steven and I wondered out loud to each other why this isn't a Bridgestone sponsored Flyover on the course? It certainly is long enough, and you could just build a ramp down at out the other side. Or something to that effect. Too bad G. Peterson's mismangement of Bridgestone Cycling ruined the U.S. of A. for them, otherwise we could have gotten them in on the action as well.

Everyone was out there though. I parked myself on this corner for the action, or maybe it was more for the conversation I can't really remember. But a race did happen and I got some action snaps of it. Tim was out there hanging tough (maybe I made him eat one too many donuts?). I also followed Sacha and CD around as they mapped out a plan for taking over the world (not really).

Then, before you know it, the race is over and I find myself standing in the parking lot. I got to catch up with Molly and Chris Milliman and ran into David Rose. Remember when I spoke about him not too long ago? What a guy. Well, now he is officially off the drink (boo) and helping to shape the young minds of people around Portland (yay). And if there is anyone out there who can whip someone into a bike racer it could be him.

More on these and other things later. Now its back to the races.
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