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159: How to Measure a Stem.

Found via Pipe Gang.

Honestly, I have never seen this video before. Amazing. I have seen the inside cover of the album from whence the song came. The insert if you will. And I will. I have seen it in almost ever bike shop I have been in. The first one was years ago and it was in the basement alongside the bench of a guy named 'Gary.' We shall call him 'Gary' to protect his innocence. However, the reason that he was in the basement shall probably protect his own innocence. Pass the mouthwash please. In any case wherever there is a mechanics bench this poster (or whatever it was) is usually not too far behind. And why should it be? Naked girls and bicycles. No complaints here.

Also no complaints here when it comes to my friend Andrew's MASH/Cinelli track bike. When I head back to Boston I usually stay with Andrew. And if you happen to be in Boston and looking to get tatted up. You know, like a big neck tat that says something tough like "Sparkle" or "Spank" try someone else. But if you are looking for some legitimate ink, well then Andrew is pretty much the way to go. I could show you examples, but that might just get weird.

Instead I will show you Andrew's bike.

I have not had too much of a chance to get excited about track bikes these days, but this one looks so damn good. Andrew always does a good job of putting his bikes together as well. He likes to keep everything together as well. For example, why would you put an FSA Bar/Stem Combo on when you could put an FSA Bar/Stem/Seatpost/Crank Combo on there? It is this attention to detail that gets me.

And then to finish it off is the Carbon Railed Fi'zi:k Arionne. Dark with just a touch of red to match the rest of the bike. You see what I mean? Some thinking went in to building this puppy up. Great job Andy.

And again speaking of Cinelli and Naked women (I know its a stretch) remember these gals? I found this in a shop when I was last in London and then grabbed it whilst rummaging through the old place while back in Cambridge. I know I have an Alter stem around here somewhere, so hopefully when I find that I will be able to start building a bike around it (little joke).

I especially like the diagram that comes with the stem. Everything should come with diagrams like this. Life would be much, much simpler, and easier to understand. Drew over at Ben's Cycle tried to pull this idea off with a T-shirt called "How to Measure a Stem" click on the photo to see what I am talking about. Cracks me up every time.

Now I am off to dream about naked bicycles.
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