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158: And Another Thing.

This has happened to me twice lately. We will be riding along and I will pull out my camera to snap a photo. Then, as if guided by a higher power whomever I am riding with will increase their pace at such great speeds as to not only drop me, but also ruin what could have been a perfectly decent photo.

Although I do kind of like the one above. Its blurry qualities convey something of an immediacy, speed. Both good things. Joe was riding his Seven and has it all kitted out with full wrap fenders and whatnot. Mine should be done early this week. Not my Seven, my fendered bike. It is an old timer for me. The first (real) road bike that I bought. Ah, resurrection can be such fun. Right Jesus?

While you are looking through Seven's site you might notice that they have something of a Gift Buying Guide going on. I love these, I really do. Make fun of me if you will, I do not mind at all. But it is only because I want, want, want. Maybe it has something to do with the culture that we live in, a way that I was brought up (doubt it) or maybe I just like nice new shit. Either way, Gift Buying is fun. So, when you are looking through theirs — I'll take the Tiberus Handlebar.

The next day after another little ride with CD I stopped by 21st Avenue Bicycles. This is the shop that our pal Kyle manages and does a pretty damn fine job if you ask me. I was surprised to see the CHUB made its way back onto the market. Remember when those things? They got it figured out, and they definitely look good. Or at the very least their packaging looks good.

Our little buddy, ready for action, one David Rose used to ride these on his Hot Tubes track bike up in New Hampshire. God damn if that bike/wheel combo wasn't the hottest thing around. That blue Hot Tubes was something to envy. Light, stiff and fast as fuck. Or maybe that was Dave? And now he is an amazing mechanic right here in North Portland. Hi Dave. Miss you.

He was the first to introduce me to the CHUB. As soon as he pulled them out and attached them to his bike pangs of jealousy swept over me. Although that was always prone to happen around Dave because he always had the sweetest bikes and always got the best deals on them. To say that I learned a thing or two from that skinny understudy to M. McCormack would be an understatement.

And we're back...

The other thing that I noticed while there (ok, there were a couple things) was this Ira Ryan frame hanging from their ceiling. There are a few more photos of it on their blog, but I am really digging this paint job. I think that the guys from Coat do all of his work, and if this is an example of it, well, then I am sold.

While I was in there we were discussing the Magic Flute pump from the PDW guys that Kyle wrote about a few weeks ago. I was carrying it with me at the time and commented on its size and portability and even thought of offering it to one of his mechanics to try out, as he was in the market for a new pump. I thought better of it and then headed on my way.

Only to get a flat tire four blocks away.

Carey made these tool rolls for the Rapha Continental riders this summer past. I had not really thought about all the craftsmanship that went into them until I unfurled it for the first time the other day. They look great and work perfectly when stuffed up under your saddle. Secure in place with a toe strap (see this) and you're good to go. Eli from Lemolo Bags crafted them out of waterproof cordura (I made that up, it could be something else) from Carey's designs.

And keep a watchful eye on the Continental part of the site this week as well. The Lost River Barn ride should be going up on Tuesday. This was one of the best most epic-est (that is not a real word) rides I have ever done. Taxidermy, banjos, moonshine and all.
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