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150: Ride till you Yak.

photo courtesy Brian Ellin

Before I start...if you have not taken a look. Go over to Cool Hunting and check out the little interview that I did with Brian Fitchner. Great people over that way, thanks for the props guys...

I thought there should be something really dramatic about the 15oth post of the year.

Would it be about the experience in the mud last weekend? Or the Thunderdome that Dylan and his Yakima crew erected in the middle of P.I.R.? Or how CD swung from said Thunderdome like a half naked Chimp throwing Marshmallows at people's heads?

Or Maybe it should be something product related... how nice the Edge Wheels handle in the Mud (seriously, those Cubus tires - the jam) or how the Edge Bar and Stem combo rattled the teeth in my tiny head (size small helmet) in a good way. Maybe how I just kept hitting the Ridley Cross bike and it just kept hitting back? So good, so functional, so great looking.

It could also be an analysis of the Single Speed Worlds. I mean, Brian (from Raliegh) and Virg (from Shimano) helped me, but I got a pretty kick ass little single speed going for this race. I only lasted about three laps and then I got a piece of someones skirt, or wig, or maybe it was the bacon handup (no joke) but either way I could not take any more of the circus act (I was bonking hard) so I just stopped. Somehow that seemed like an ok thing to do at that point...

Check out Brian's photos from the race. He shot them on his Yashika T5. And I officially want one of these now. So, if you feel like sending me a camera. I will put it to good use photographing people and hoping that they turn out this good. Seriously, I am ready, hand it over.

In the first photo is Ryan from the Veloshop. Seriously, I want to hug this man whenever I:
a) see him.
b) hear his shouts from across the course.
c) look at my bike.

My only question is this... what is going on behind these two beautiful ladies? Eyes up my man. Keep moving, nothing to see here...this is a married woman and her sexy (also taken) friend. I get why you might be doing what you are doing, but keep an eye out for the cameras. The nerve of some people. And you there in the Red. Why are you hugging yourself like that? It just looks weird. No one else is doing that...

In any case, look through his Flickr as there are some really great photos and captions there. My favorite is Dr. Dinosaur and the Seahorse Captain. Whatever that means. Go have a look. Then, when you are done looking there. Take a look at a couple other sites that B runs. Both Race.cx and The Cyclocross News.

And that, my friends was a pretty great little race day we had there. I did get some photos of the Thunderdome as they were putting the finishing touches on it. I know they are around here somewhere...
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