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149: More Norddal.

Looking forward to the upcoming weekend. This video confirms it. Am listening to the patter of the rain at the moment it warms my heart. I started watching this little video and thought "yes, this is what we need." Can I also just say that Dylan is pretty bad ass in the mud. Watch his start, he rides away from everyone. The "flat bar guy" from the Signal team (which is how he will forever be known to me) the rest of the Vigilantes, and well, everyone else. And then came in with a Top 20. Bam.

Molly Cameron got some good footage in there as well. Maybe she knew that she was being filmed and wanted to review this later? Or maybe Dylan is just getting amped for this weekend and was riding away from everyone? Just a thought.

Ace Thumbs up to Mr. James Crowe though. Day Two he killed it in a nice fashion. By Winning.

I am not going to lie, I am psyched to try out the Single Speed category this weekend. My first ever foray into the world of bicycle racing was on a Single Speed Mountain Bike in the W.O.R.S. races a couple years ago and J. LaLonde kicked my ass. I am quite sure it will resemble that in some way.

While we are at it, can someone please comment that the Bike Vigilante's Website just took a turn for the awesome? Seriously, was it this beefed up a week ago? I do like how Major Van Weelden started out strong and not-so silent and then slipped into an Avett Bros induced soft delirium near the end. Way to go buddy.

Will this somehow play into the weekends festivities? If so, I will put on flat-bars no problem. That way I can "keep it fresh all over the course." It is what you have to do.

I am not saying Norddal anymore. It just looks odd with its two "d's" and I am not Norwegian. I am Scottish and therefor probably too drunk on Sheep Dip to give too "d's" go. It is in my blood. Yet that being said, the new photo essay of "Norddal" looks fantastic and so does the finished product.

It is official. I like things that are printed, on paper, and this is one of those.

PVB was asking about this one. Apparently he saw Slate leak a few of the photos to twitter earlier in the day. I only know this because I was actually holding up said photos. So, I guess they were not leaked at all. We did the usual catalog treatment this year, but also did something with Ben Ingham's photos that are a little different.

The front cover gives the co-ordinates of Norway in case you were interested in plugging it in to your Garmin and going for a ride. Or better yet. Just plug it in to Google Maps and see what happens. I will even give it to you so that you do not have to figure out how to type "degrees" in. (alt 0). I am just going to run it because it is pretty amazing.

62º 17' 32" N, 7º 26' 18" E


Flickr if you so choose.

Do not really have too much to say after something like that. I know why Ira Ryan looks so good in all these photo shoots. Because every time he goes out there he goes for broke. It is as easy as that. You cannot get much more simple and beautiful than that. And apparently you cannot get much more simple and beautiful than Norddal or Norway or whatever you want to call it.

Why do I have the (good) feeling that it is going to be another muddy morning tomorrow?
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