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146: Some Cyclocross Stuff.

Brian Vernor has a new film coming out. Cyclocross fans at Nationals this year will be the first to view this full length feature starring Barry Wicks and Adam McGrath. Should be good. Right? Because anything and everything about Cyclocross is good. Especially the things exploring the relationships that bicycle racing not only develops but expands around the world. I am personally excited to see how the film portrays the Japanese racing scene in comparison to that over here.

And the film looks to have great titles. Which, as we all know can make or break a film.

Also, if you have not tried the Uber Secret blend by Mad Alchemy, well, there is no time like the present because it is only going to get colder this year. This little bit of heaven was concocted by Mr. Pete Smith himself. He wrote a little race recap over at the Embrocation Team Site. You should check that out. If you know what is good for you that is. And this will be good for you.

The beans came from a one Mr. Corey Grove. He has been killing it at the Cross races out here with his little Panasonic Lumix Camera. This camera is an absolute favorite of mine and C and I have been in discussions on whether or not a Lumix Camera Club is in order. Let me know if you are in. Because I know you are.

Also, in case you live in a cave somewhere, we, meaning the Embrocation Cycling Team have partnered with some pretty great people this season. Fizik saddles, Mad Alchemy Embrocations, and even another small town company by the name of Taza Chocolate. You may know Alex from his years racing with the Harris Cyclery Team. Well, somewhere along the way he decided to make some chocolate. And knowing Alex, this Chocolate had to be dome damn good chocolate.

Well, fortunately for you it is damn fine chocolate. So, head over to the Embro blog to check it out. Taza Embrocation Collaboration. My friend Robin writes a pretty amazing food blog over at Bacchanalia. She recently put up a blog post about the Taza Chocolate where she actually made S'mores with it. Honestly, something that I had not thought about but sounds pretty awesome. Chances are it was. In fact, with the way that this Taza goes. I am sure that it was.

There are a lot of things coming up this week and I am hoping to get them to you as soon as they break the surface of things that are amazing. The Cyclocross Single Speed World Championships is one of those things. I am signed up. I have a pretty sweet bicycle that is being built up as we speak for this. Then, I will make that bike available to you sweet sweet viewers in an auction of sorts. It is all going to be good.

Stay tuned.
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