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145: Weekend Recap

The days quickly blend together with they two of racing. I mean that in a good way. The burn of embrocation long into the night (wash it off dumbass), the slightly bruised feeling that your entire body seems to take on, the mud that you are still picking out of your ears and eyes days later. It is all a part of something greater, yet to be determined.

Not quite sure how to accurately comment on the Oregon racing scene at this moment. I am going to ride it out and see what happens. Fear not though I am making a list.

Recently I heard a second hand account of a cross racer out here who attended some New England cross racing only to come back and say that we (and I am sorry, I use that "we" so loosely) in New England really know how to throw some races. Everything that had been done, from the setting up and running of the course to the prize money and UCI points that were dished out? Just sayin. I think that the word "Pro" was used a few times too. Although I realize that this term is something that has been bandied about in the cycling blog world for some time now, it still retains some sort of meaning.

Do not mistake me though. The scene out here is something spectacular that I have never seen before. The dedication and Panache (little joke) that the people of Oregon bring to Cyclocross is completely unmatched on the East Coast. Even if it does get a little over the top at times.

What I can comment on are other things that are happening out there.

Things like...

1) Ridley Bicycles. This is my first time on a carbon cross bike. Into it. I have to say, this shit really bounces back. The project came about when I was in Belgium earlier this year and it is amazing to see it all they way through to fruition. It is fun to be able to take a project like this all the way from the ground up to...well, the ground.

Got the new Fizik Tundra saddle on their as well.

2) Steven Hunter. Have people been charting the meteoric rise of this guy? Are you all secretly cheering for his handsome self to win some bike races? I watch him at home with an Eagle-eyed intesity that I reserve for such things. What kind of shake are you drinking there? Is it not too late at night for your body to absorb the proper nutrition from that? What kind of training are you doing besides your nursing studies?

He recently told me that someone in his nursing program (I am hoping that this is a blind person just for the sake of the argument) insisted that she knew who he was. She said that she knew his stats (I'm taking artistic license) and was a big fan. Now at this point any bike racer I know would be puffed up to thrice their normal size. Steve knew better though because it is not the first time it has happened. Check out the other Steven Hunter.

This one is way more Professional.

Besides after donning his Veloshop skinsuit. He also put on a hotdog costume and preceeded to slay his way into the top 15. Not too shabby consdering. Check both Dave Roth's photos as well as the PDX Cross website, which has an amazing photo of steven peeing in his hotdog outfit.

4) TUFO Cubus. These tires are amazing in the mud. Now I would normally point out a few spots where maybe these tires would have been necessary. Link a few websites with people eating shit, crashing their bikes all over the place. But, honestly I have learned my lesson from that, I'm not here to make fun of people. Unless they really deserve it.

The Cubus tires are one of the better that I have experienced in the mud, but it will be interesting to compare them to something I have never tried before. Like these Vittoria Something-or-Others that everyone says are slippery little devils.

The Cubus with the Edge wheels are the way to go. I'm not going to lie. However I did hear about an interesting development in the world of Tires that is now in practice. What PVB and I have been doing for years on our Clinchers, Zac Daab is now offering as a tubular option and calling it the "Eastern Bloc Mullet". Flexus up front, Cubus in the rear. Genius.

Coming Up this week you should start to see a few new Columns that I have started for you. Well, for me really, just as a way to keep myself organized. They should be good fun and something that I, as well as yourself, could keep coming back to.

That, and the build of Ridley number two and maybe even something extra special for this upcoming weekend. Something with one gear to rip through the mud. Something that when I am done with it, I would love for you to have.

So, stay tuned for that as well.
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