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139: More Pubs.

Sorry to take a break from the regularly scheduled programming to talk about paper products. But I love them so. Besides when you see the next two videos that I have cued up you might just lose your mind. One has a Belgian friend of mine complaining about the lack of Beer at Cross Vegas, the other one A. Myerson talking about his top 3 overall in the American Crit Championships. Or something to that effect.

Here is Molly quickly perusing Embrocation Volume 4. I will not try to claim this idea as my own. I got it from the website for this newsprint publication Archivo. Which is very strange and very good. Carey S-H brought some of these little printed nuggets back with her from NY when we were there for the Gentleman's Race.

Not really sure what my deal with newsprint is these days? Maybe it has something to do with the dying art form? Or the amount of cool stuff that can and is printed on newsprint? Either way the interesting thing about it is to take this age old form of communication and put some amazingly beautiful photos on it and see what happens.

I also think that part of it has something to do with ritual. Not that I delivered newspapers when I was young, because I did, but more the tucking it under your arm that I align myself with. Carrying around a folded up newspaper is like some sort of gesture, a nod, if you will to times past.

PIE Paper - New Zealand - $5
The most recent issue of Pie Paper focus' on repetition. This is very apparent in the two exterior covers. One with little boy blue and the other is a girl obsessed with what looks like the color Pink. Yeah, definitely the color pink. I really like this paper. It comes out of New Zeland and seems to be doing everything right. Plus, they are only $5. Go get one and see its greatness for yourself.

The Arkitip Intel Newspaper Supplement
- USA - $10
Again, a really well put together newsprint publication. The arty-ness of it will make people shy away from it. But I am here to tell you that what you actually need to do is "shy towards" this little beauty. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the MASH photo spread tucked neatly away.

Other interesting things to note are the Ace Hotel Palm Springs advertisements. *Ding. I think that pretty much anything looks good when it is printed really large. I could be wrong? But something tells me that I kept coming back and looking at the Everlast photos. So raw. So good. Note: the model does not have a belly button because of the seam.

SNEEZE Magazine
- British Colombia - $4 + shipping
You know how you eat around the ice cream when you order the ice cream and brownie at a restaurant? Or save all your tofu chunks until that last big of...of...struggling here? Tofu is left...
In any case the point that I am trying to make here is that this publication is awesome. If the issue were not sold out I would tell you to go get one right now.

Why is it amazing? Well for one they work hard to get SNEEZE newspaper boxes put up. I hear that there is acutally one going up in Portland soon. I had the pleasure of meeting and the lovely Michelle who escaped the Awesome state of Vancouver (I know it isnt' a state) to find some sort of anoniminity here in Portland. Good luck with that.

Anyway. Sneeze is huge (22" x 16"). The photos look distorted because it is so big and I was trying to lean away from the light. Also it is great because it has no stitching. So, if you were to desire you could hang up any one of these sexy spreads as a nice poster in your home. Or office. Or Mancave, or Womancave, however you roll.

That is all for now. There are more, but I will save them for a rainy day. In fact, Ira Ryan stopped by the other day with a few Vintage Cycling publications that made me excited. I will bust those out soon because they are ripe with old Cyclocross photos from the 70's.

Just sayin.

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