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131: Oregon Manifest Will Never End (in our hearts.)

Ok, so you've seen the breakdown of Steve Francisco's clothing choices here. But what about the Carbon Trailer in action? Well, here you go. That puppy was pretty light and seemed to cruise "straight out the gate" as they say (hip hop rappers that is). Note that I ask Fran if I can try it out and he blatantly ignores me. Trailer hog.

There was a little bit of chatter about Mr. Francisco over on the Velonews chat board (or should I say bored?). Let us join hands in giving some of these guys a big thumbs down for their complete and utter lack of humor. Except the guy who inserted the image of the Turkey. I like that guy. Some day they will wake up, scrub the beard out of their eyes (and trust me I love beards) and realize just how P-R-O Fran is. And hopefully at the same time they will realize just how serious we all take this little game we call Bike. (Vote number 42 in Word of the year? Hyperbole)

Getting back to the seriousness of this topic. Is this trailer suited for the dogs and children of Portland's fine streets? I think not. One, because I think the thing might shatter under the combined weight of a Golden Retriever (miss you Claire) and a home brewed beer. But then again it did survive the ups and downs that are the gravel-ness of Otto Miller and Dutch Canyon, so who knows? Either way I'm hoping this beauty can be ready for production in the next few months. Keep a close eye on the Parlee website for that. Maybe we will even see a Cross version before the season has passed us?

On the other hand another cool bike that I saw on the day was what the peeps over at Chris King brought to the table with their Cielo line. Great looking bike. Tough rider, and I heard that they almost melted one of their machines heat treating the special one off headset that they put on this bike. Really cool stuff coming out of a really cool company. Am I ok to call them cool? Or does that make me more of a poseur?

All joking aside, this was a really great event. Chris King himself grilled up empanadas for all of the riders at the second checkpoint. I love that he has such an affinity for food, because I definitely have an affinity for eating. Thanks CK.

Also, not quite sure about the hubs on the Cielo bike. Are these new? Old? New Old Stock? Either way the bicycle was polished immaculately and the sign plate on the back was a nice touch. Here is a closer look at the hub, you tell me. I meant to ask CD when I was there but he is too hard to pin down.

Get ready, I am about to toot my own horn, as they say. Did a little bit of work for just about everybody this past month including Ridley Bikes, Readymade Magazine and the Vanilla Workshop. Man am I tired. Now back to my regularly scheduled corndogs. I need about five, ten of these a week to keep me going.

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