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120: What's New(s).

BQ's write up on the Competitive Cyclist Blog was the best thing that I read today. What's New is one of these things that I follow on my "Google Reader." Although it isn't one of these write ups that lets you read everything through the reader, it makes you click out to get the whole story. Genius. I mean, that's the only way to get people to your website right? Let them see that there is something new lingering out there, hang it like a carrot, and then make them work for it.

Well, I work for it. It is one of the writings each week that I, in fact, savor reading. I open it up in my browser and then let it hang out and marinate there for the rest of the day. Maybe I'll dip in at lunch time, click through a few links and see what musings permeate through the day.

Today was exceptional. It starts off with an amazing quote from Jeremy Powers (who is now slated to make a guest appearance at a certain party next week) on how to pick up women in Belgium. I'm paraphrasing but he states that a Quickstep rider told him he has his soigneur place a photo of himself with his number on the back in his mussette and then throws it out to a pretty girl in the crowd. Amazing.

I'm just imagining one of these burly, smoking Belgian mafiosos getting ahold of that card and then having a perma-boner for Pozzato for the rest of his life. Afraid, yet excited at the same time that he has the man's number. Never using it. But smiling every time he watches Pippo come in second at Roubaix (which he will again next year) because he knows Pippo is doing it just for him. Maybe I should finally throw out that card of Johan Vansummerin that I wrestled out of his girlfriends angry hands?

RGR (Rapha Gentleman's Race)
Gentleman's race was awesome. Can we do this every weekend? Actually we can't, because my legs would quite literally fall off of my body. This is the best time of riding that I've had in a long time. I think that Slate Olson has got it right when he comes up with the right mixture of distance, terrain and commeraderie. It just makes everyone happy. (Plus, I got him on camera saying that he just puts them on so that he doesn't have to actually race them.)

Sheild your eyes when you look at this link. They're bright and white. But the full results of the race are somewhere in there too. The gloves are awesome by the way.

Why don't we have a Cyclocross version of this? I know that in the U.K. they have the Three Peaks Race. Why do we not have one here in Portland?

My team? Also amazing. But more on that later. Dave Roth, the man behind the curtain for H.U.P. United was kind enough to let me utilize his GoPro cameras. So, that is exactly what I did. Went Pro. All one hundred and thirty eight miles of the race. Save it though, build it up because it will be good. Promise. Here is a little taste though.

Don't worry, you do not have to look at me for too long. The only thing that I couldn't figure out was which clamp I needed to tighten to get the camera to stop slipping. It wasn't good. I would be riding along, trying not to die and realize that the camera was pointing down. Some good (foot)age came from it though. (How boring would I be if I didn't crack myself up.)

Pretty sure that this guy got some good footage too. If you are new to this Blog (do new people find it?) he has been the driving force behind some great video stuff. Some of his new videos just went up on the Rapha Continental site last week actually. Check out the Wednesday Matinee. There is something like six new videos up there. All of them great. Rumor has it that he is going to be in the area for a little while. Should be good fun.

Also, one last note for the night. Whomever it was that commented last week on my overuse of the " ' " apostrophe. Thanks for that. I really do overuse it. However, one little comment like that and now I am (I'm) rechecking everything that I type to a point of obsession. Thank you I think it is a good thing.

Up next. Best fashion blog around (or only one I've looked at) from a 13 year old girl. No Joke.
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