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112: Little (pink) Vices.

So, here's how it goes. The train of thought. Dylan and I are putting together what we've come to call the School of Cross. Which will be three Monday nights starting at the end of September. We're going big on this one people, so get involved.

I'll get back to that later, but the point is...Dylan puts up the flier and starts getting calls about it. Can we do this? Can we do that? And one guy even called up to see if we're going to be having a Uni-cycle division. Duh. Of course we're going to have a unicycle division... it is going to be out at Forrest Park.

Here's the trailer for it:

Moving On.

I returned to the office the other day to find this sitting on my desk.

Apparently it had been left by Tina Brubaker, but no one had any idea why? So, I thought, what the hey, I'm a big fan of Vice, and a part time detective. I should be able to figure out why this was left for me. First I held it by the spine and shook it. Nothing happened, no secret note fell out, so I went looking for clues in the articles.

I wondered, out loud, if maybe there was an article or something that Tina thought I would be interested in. Maybe something about oils for legs, or (lets go big here) an article about bikes? Something, anything?

First I went and looked through the DO's and DON'Ts.

Apparently they're being written by Johnny Ryan (he's done comix for Hustler, Screw and of course Nickelodean Kids Magazine [which kind of makes sense]) and they're all really funny. So, I thought to myself: Self, maybe Tina has seen you around town and knows your inner concern for not having enough style and she's trying to tell you something here. No go.

Then I came across this article:

Its a very informative article about a dildo factory in Germany. I showed it to Dylan when he was here and he said "wow, that's some really great photography" and he was right. They employ something like 20 people at this little pleasure factory. But I still couldn't get my head around it, this couldn't be the reason she sent it right? I mean, this stuff is interesting sure, but its still Vice after all.

And then I found this:

Kind of a fitting titled I'd say.

This had to be it right? I've referenced Herzog here than a few times. And now someone has brought me a publication to show me there is a new book about Werner Herzog coming out? Amazing. And not only that but the book is the Production Diary from Fitzcarraldo, Herzog's film where he quite literally drags a steamship through the mountainous jungles of Peru. Plus, his book Of Walking in Ice has been my favorite book of the year. So, if this is in the same journalistic style. Then I'm willing to give it a try.

Sorry, I just got all sentimental and weepy there for a minute. Lets get down to business. At this point had I discovered why this magazine would appear out of nowhere?

No. But the answer was soon to come...
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