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111: Lust Then Disrobe

Can I just say that the guys over at Yakima put together a pretty bad ass looking soapbox? Shit, that thing looks like its from, well, the future. Big congrats on the second place. And Ratatat. Amazing. I was just saying the other day that if I was going to throw a party in Las Vegas, or anywhere for that matter, I would get Ratatat to play it.

Nice Sticker. Remember those days?

The very same time that was happening, Ira and I were out preparing. Preparing for what you might ask? Well, Ira is getting ready to combine forces with Rapha design stalwart Graeme Raeburn to ride/race the Cent Col Challenge coming up in the French Alps. My assesment for this team is that they are going to kill it. Not destroy it, crush it, or even mash it up a bit. They're going it Kill It.

Which is why, Ira, I volunteer my services to you Ira. I will wake up at the crack of dawn every day this week and next, until you leave in fact to ride the hills surrounding Portland with you. You just let me know (this is where I bank on the fact that he's moving his shop this week and won't have time to read silly transmissions on the interwebs.)

You have to hand it to me for this next photo (little joke) because I've relegated myself to handmodel when it comes to the Embrocation site from now on.

Hand model, real great. However, if you cruise over to the new site there's a new face to behold. Kyle Von Hoetzendorff is a funny, funny man. He can hold his own when it comes to a spot of the drink too. And god knows, we need more men like that. Real men. Manly men. Well, here's your answer.

The Brass Knuckles featured, well they're pretty amazing too. Kyle is going to be doing some product review (suggestions?). So, I figured, what a better way to start you, dear readers out than with some bright pink brass knuckles to liven your day? I'll let you in on a secret as well. These little beauties feature heavily in Volume 4 of Embrocation Cycling Journal (shameless plug). Sacha (see we've worked together before) gave them to me at the NAHBS under one condition...now, I can't remember, it was either naked centerfold, centerpiece, or 'piece of the action'?

I just designed the new Speedvagen Racing Kits as well. So, stay tuned for that. Or go buy a Speedvagen and maybe Sacha will give you a sneak peak. Cause it sure isn't coming from me.

Also, can I just say that when I said that Robots were going to take over the world the other day...well, this is what I meant by it. Watch near the end when the robotic hand tosses a cell phone up into the air and catches it. Mindblowing? This is the first step to being able to catch missiles and bullets mid air Remo Williams style. We're doomed people. And when you go down in a blaze of glory, just remember that you heard it first on a blog primarily about cycling.

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