109: Speaking of Video.

Speaking of awesome videos, here's one I grabbed from Jesse LaLonde's site. That is actually him riding in the Vortex of Terror as well. Although he doesn't look that terrified.

What I think they should do (and this is only one man's opinion by the way) is fill the bottom of it with broken glass. Then get another rider in there, and they can both dip their gloves in broken glass (that's right Bloodsport style) and punch-i-size each others faces. All the while the spectators get to not only throw shit at them (not really shit, but stuff like, rocks and sticks) and bet on it.

That would be a Vortex of Terror.

Sorry, did I just go off there? And I'm having a good day.

In any case, Jesse is an awesome graphic designer as well as Professional Bicycle Sportsman. He designed JHK's new Captain America Suit as well as the Horse he rode in on. The other cool thing (apparently this guy is always doing cool things) he's done lately is be apart of the design collective that Trek likes to call Thing One. Jealous. But what is going to be Thing Two?

Jesse is also the man that was behind the Embrocation Lucador Shirt. So, he's kind of everywhere these days. Word on the street is that he's got bro's too. The kind that will gang up on you and kick your ass (metaphorically) in the parking lot (bike race.) Its not really 'word on the street' though, because I've raced against them a few times. Sigh. They kicked my ass in the WORS single speed division.

Good times people.
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