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108: Two Video Tuesday night.

Don't really know what to say about this.
My friend Robin sent it over to me. She said that it had some 'magical' qualities to it. I thought she meant 'special effects' but I didn't see any.

At first I was kind of annoyed by it, I'm not going to lie. I started watching it and my brain went straight into bikesnob mode. I was thinking things like "he just said $5,000.00 and he's got 105 crankset on there" or "how can he talk about spandex when he's not even wearing bibs? Besides, we say Lycra, not Spandex."

Then I watched it again and said to myself. "Jesus god man, have a sense of humor." This is hilarious. This is why road cyclists are so damn funny. Because they take themselves that seriously. Seriously. And besides, he just said Embrocation.

There are some great nods to Portland Bike Culture in there too. Mt. Tabor, too tight jeans, and even a little Yakima back up girls. Actually, I'm convinced that Dylan, Yakima's head of Marketing is one of those back up singers. I've seen him put on a wig and if he tries, he can definitely look that good.

Maybe I should track this guy down for an interview? See what other hits he's got planned for the next little while?

Even with all of it's flash, and is no Body Report. I was turned on to the Body Report not too long ago. Was out to drink with a few friends when I noticed that one of our party kept getting up from the table to do various exercises. One time it was dips with a nearby planter. Another, it was reverse curls with businessmen, I kid you not. I was soon to find out that this man was none other than Jimm Lasser the reknowned Office Workout King.

I've since refined my daily practices to incorporate some of his glorious techniques and have been trying to impress him with them ever since. To no avail I might add. Watch in the video below as he uses two ingenious workout tools...

1) a baby.

2) a cabbie.

After watching these two video's back to back I had a thought. A fleeting thought at that. A What if? What if we got these two characters together to produce a video? I said fleeting because I heard that Jimm once suggested "Punching that guy to see if a Man would come out?"

Maybe we'll keep these two apart.
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