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106: Bar Wrap with Steven Hunter and Other Videos.

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Moving forward is Fun.

On the way through the house the other night I spied local pro Veloshop (Cross) Portland Bicycle Studio (Road) Racer Steven Hunter going through a Pro Bar Wrap scenario. Notice how I put the Cross sponsorship first? Cross is on the tip of everyone's tongues these days. And speaking of Cross I'm hoping to get a better look at these Ridley's in the coming weeks. Why do the Euro's go on vacation all the time, don't they know that Cross is coming. Or are they prepping for it???

This is what has been going on at our house these days. The bar tap was just one of a few scenarios. Steven actually let me shoot some photos with my new Canon of his adjustment of his bar position a little while back for Race.CX. I don't know officially what goes on over at those Belgian U23 Cross Camps, but this what is going to be happening at our house for the next few months if you want to come hang out.

So, that's it, officially, Cross is in the air.
Its also in the hair, apparently.

Went for a ride this past weekend with the M.C. and Joe Staples. It wasn't organized team practice but I do have to say that they were looking pretty pro in Embro garb. Molly in particular with her homage (hair-mage?) to Pellizotti. In fact at one point I looked over and thought that, maybe it was the light, the blue and green was that of Liquigas. Whatever, you get my point. Which is, simply...awesome.

Watch it flow and flutter in the breeze.

In any case, this got me to thinking. After the Belgian Haircut scenario that happened in Gent, why shouldn't Molly really go for it this season? She keeps threatening to cut it off, and I'm not going to say that I blame her. However, as the temperatures dipped this evening I found myself wishing I had something...a squirrel tail say? To warm my neck as I walked in the crisp moonlight. Someday.

+10 Bonus Pro Points.
Technique: Putting on Gloves for a Descent.
I get this one, but at the same time can't help but giggle (doesn't deserve a full laugh) at the thought of it. I've seen Molly do it a few times, (I chuckled, I'm not going to lie). Apparently she's testing some super-secret Rapha gloves at the moment. The best part is when we've finished descending, off the gloves go, to be neatly folded and stashed in the rear pocket.

Speaking of Rapha, the video that Benji Wagner shot and edited for our Breaking Away with Mellow Johnny's event is up. Watch for the couple great near-misses that happen in the hand-offs that happened. I'm still amazed at this event, that we went a gathered ten teams together to pay tribute to an amazing film about cycling kind of blow my mind. Allow me to be sentimental for a moment.

photo by Benj Wagner

What I'm actually wondering, while looking through Benji's site, is how he found this photo of me driving in a Demolition Derby? There was no need for those jocks to write Sandbagger on my car, so I had to smash them.

But, in all seriousness, I do remember these happenings on certain Friday nights in my hometown. It was a big deal. That's what you do in Wisco, smash up cars. Drink a lot, and then drive home and smash up cars along the way. Viscious Cycle.


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