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097: More Later.

Has anyone seen the Independent Fabrications blog lately? There is some Hotness going on over there. Seriously. And I'm not just saying that because My Man James' (have you noticed that whenever I mention James I say "my Man James?") bike is featured there. It is the one that looks especially hot and has Embrocation SSR in the title. Check it out.

James also got a win last weekend, so I guess that kind of makes him the man of the hour.

Pay attention to his style on the bike though. Arms outstretched. Fingers pointed skyward in a sort of "pistol" style. I like riders with a little style and James had definitely got it.

We've got a new secret clothing jam in the works at the moment. Should be picking up those from the screen printer in a couple of days. I'm psyched to be back in Boston to see everyone, but also to finalize a few little projects that are in the works. Projects like, Volume4 of Embrocation. You know, the issue where we take a little Road Cycling, dip it into the a brand new jar of Mad Alchemy Mango Love Embrocation and then roll it in a nice crust of Belgian Cobble-dust. No big deal.

What is a big deal though? Working with ||||| JDK Design on it. (What? That's what they do, little dashes). So, stay tuned for that. I'll give you a little list of what to expect as far as content though...in no particular order.

-phil wood
-some cool photos from belgium
-the tour of california
-looking and smelling like a proper cyclist
-training: back kicks


Also got to see Pete Rubi's art show last night. Good stuff. Really, really good stuff. In fact, it was great to see everyone come out and support our favorite local pro cross racer. Because, it is almost that time of the year. As you can see above. Kaiko and Jason (go there, they're too fucking cute) were in full effect with their Superb Hats...and if you'll pay even closer attention you can see that our sweet friend from Pedal Strike is also making the same Pistol Grip pattern that James is making above.

Well played friends, well played.

Also got to check out their new shipment of swrve clothing. This stuff is looking good. Jason showed off a little bit of the collection without going in to too much detail. I hear that renovations are going smoothly and the Boston scene should have a new addition shortly.

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