096: Schematica Futurama

Bird/Boat/Bike - The Art of Peter Rubijono.
Art will be showcased at Bloc 11 Cafe the months of July and August.

Opening Reception:
July 14th 7-9pm. 11 Bow Street Sommerville, MA

I'm really psyched to be back in town and checking this out! Drinks before-during and after (that isn't official, just an inkling).

I've been working/hanging out with Peter Rubijono for a few years now. We started racing together on the Harris Cyclery Racing team a while back. That went well, we traveled around the East Coast hitting up Cross and Road races where we could. Sleeping in vans, "papering nests" where we needed to. All was good.

When I was compiling work for Embrocation Volume One I saw a drawing that Pete had taped above his desk. It was an amazing line drawing of a Lion leaping through space. Claws outstretched, mouth agape, and ready for action. After seeing that drawing I enquired as to whether or not Peter would be interested in putting some of his drawings into Volume 1. The rest, as they say was history.

Volume 1:
His drawings consisted of mostly bike related artwork with a little bit of the birds thrown in for good measure. Great stuff. Too bad that's all sold out.

Volume 2:
Even better. Lots of different drawings. Airplanes. Lots of airplanes. This one is sold out too and I think that it might have something to do with these drawings. It was after seeing these drawings that Jennifer Park (co-owner of Bloc11 Café) and I started talking about putting together a collection of his drawings and displaying them at Bloc 11. I have to admit, it was her love and admiration for his artwork that brought this show about...

Volume 3:
After a trip to Alaska the drawings take a decidedly different turn with boats. Fishing boats and breakdowns of their interiors. It is apparent that Rubi is growing with his artwork and the collection of writing that goes along with these compliments the artistry involved in the boat drawings. James just informed me that we're almost sold out of this one too... which I'm guessing is a good thing.

Also check out his Rapha Continental Profile. You'll see a little drawing in the corner there..and if you click through the other East Coast riders you'll see that each one has a photo in a similar fashion to this one. These were all done by Pete, because he's amazing.

The above photos are some that I've seen of the show. Jennifer sent them over to me and told me that the show looks great. Come check it out because all of his works in their large format drawing glory are for sale.

High Fives all around.
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