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093: Two More Videos Friday.

I've got two more video's for you. The first one is from my new camera. Its a Canon G10. Everyone has one and takes their photos with it, so I thought that it might be time to "get a clue" and upgrade the old one a little bit.

Then I realized in my neglect that Ants had taken over my BKW water bottle. Not a good thing either, because this has become one of my standby water bottles in the last couple of weeks. Mr. Joe Staples has some BKW over-socks (as the brits call shoe-covers) that I have been coveting for weeks. I usually tell myself that if I just hang on to this water bottle, the powers that be will raise up and bring the conspicuously vacated BKW site back from the dead. Or send me some socks.

Then I went to his site and realized that ants had taken over that as well. This is what has come of it too.

I pray at night people.

I pray that BKW can come back not as a blog, but as something more magnificent. Something far reaching. Something like a really nice glow in the dark velvet painting of Elvis, or a gold chain of Dracula's Fangs, or an Embrocation so fierce that it reaches up and punches you in your shit (be it "balls" or "other") and reminds you that you're not going as hard as you should be.

These are the things that I pray for.

Have my prayers been answered? I asked myself that question as I clicked the link too. What does this mean? Where is it coming from? I mean, obviously I see where it is coming from. But really, where is it coming from? And why is its interface so usable? So friendly? So damn familiar in a way that you can't place your finger on?

I think that this might actually be closer though: The Acid Sweat Lodge. Where all my dreams may come true yet. Thank you world, for existing to cheer me when I'm down.

Adam Myerson said in the Comments section yesterday that he thought Embrocation was turning into the Look At This Fucking Hipster (nevermind that it took him a duo of tries to get the url right) of Cycling Blogs. I hate to be the one to point out, dearest Adam, but we've had that for a while now. Its called BikeSnobNYC. Yikes, come on guy, no one comes here for humor. They come here for arty videos of ants crawling around the top of a waterbottle. Everyone knows that.

Besides, the truth is that I wish I had the time and resources to do an interview that would even come close to capturing the Real Adam. Something like this Pez interview in fact. However, and I put it to you dear friend. I'm going to be back in Boston later this month....who know's?

Maybe magic does happen?

Speaking of Magic and moving on at the same time...Carey clued me in to this amazing little video.

I don't really know what else to say about that one aside from the fact that it looks really great. Ok, well that and "How the hell do you get all those policemen to execute something like this so flawlessly with out screwing it up and pummeling the crap out of each other? I guess there are PRO's in every field?

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