087: Silky Smooth

This is Aaron Erbeck, damn he looks good with a little mud splatters going on. Good thing that his neck is protected by the scarf. Whew. I was sad that I didn't get to go on this ride, 150 some odd miles on dirt roads. All of it. Check out the photos and video here. Good stuff.

Rapha has put out their June promotion which in celebration of Father's Day is 10% off of any order that contains one of their Silk Scarves. JUNETIES in your shopping cart will get you there.

Was Talking to Kyle at Trackosaurus Garrett at MASH and B. Palmer over at Washingmachinepost about this the other day and put it to them: Silk Scarves - A Challenge. Some kind of content with the scarf. You know, for dads, for june, for fun. Keep things moving.

In fact maybe I'll make Fridays Rapha Silk Scarf Days from now on. Send Some Photos over to me here: and I'll post them next Friday.

So, I didn't get any nudie photos, or anything close, but Kyle and his Dad are hanging out, so that is cool. And Brian found an old photo of John Wayne wearing the Rapha Scarf, can't complain there. Andy Clark over at Competitive Cyclist made it his avatar on Twitter. So that's cool.

I offer you this.

I became the proud owner of one of these puppies right before I left for our little venture into the South. So, I've had some time to test it out in the various elements that our beautiful country has to offer. Just so you know, it held up in all conditions. It helped me class things up when I was feeling a little shabby on the road, it helped to wick sweat from from my neck area when things started to get a little warm out there, and when the BBQ was getting a little out of control, a dab to the corner of the mouth is made that much more enjoyable by this little beauty. (That was a runon sentence, just so you know that I know it.) I think I saw Cole wear it on his wrist once too. And all I could think was Gangstaaa!

Below you will find my preferred method of wear. Its not complicated at all, so I thought I would outline it for you, show you its versatility on and off the bike. Pay no attention to the wrinkles, this is only because I use it all the time.

STEP ONE: Tie the Scarf around your face as if you're going to rob a bank, or do something else dastardly. This helps for a variety of reasons. One, it makes you look tough as hell, if only for a moment. [Side Note: In this fashion, wet it and save babies from burning buildings.] Two, and this is arguably the more important of the two, when you tie it this way and then slide the scarf down it creates some necessary space for step two.

Take the pointy end that is hanging down and tuck it up and through. Make sure that the Rapha logo is facing out, so that when it folds over it is still visible. Aren't those little cogs cute?

STEP THREE: Adjust. See, the logo sits facing outward. Very nice. Fold this flap over as many times as you want for a tighter feel. I usually go loose when in riding mode, keeps things a little more breathable. I like the casual look as well.

This is adjustment part two and it depends on a couple things. First is the intended use. T-shirt is up first. You may notice how good this looks with an Embrocation Cycling Journal T-shirt. You should get one, because this combination is, can see for yourself.

Cycling Jersey.
The cycling jersey is another spot where the silk scarf looks impossibly great. Wick the sweat. Keep a cool breeze out. It is all good. Although I have to say, my style on the bike tends to be a little sloppy (CD and JP keep reminding me of this fact) and I think that my scarf wearing tends to reflect that slop. Someday I'll learn to smooth it all out, but until then I'm just going to keep riding. What you see modeled here is the Rapha Club Jersey.

Dress Shirt.
Not sure what to wear to your next 'function' of sorts? Maybe a dinner date, maybe a meeting with some 'clients' a trip to the cinema? Throw on a silk scarf. Classy it up as they say. The "B.I.G." as in Notorious stood for Business Instead of Game. That's what I'm talking about in this case. Classy it up. I think this is what I'm going to rock for the rest of the day. In case you were wondering I dress up on Fridays when others dress down. How else am I supposed to head straight to club after work? You tell me.

This one kind of explains itself really. Think old timey body builder (not me of course, but you get the idea) remember the shots of dudes in the bathing suits that look like singlets, or maybe even bib shorts? And if you're always wearing a sweater, like I am, the scarf does a good job of drawing attention away from that area. Maybe?

The Rapha Silk Scarf can help you dress for any occasion that life may throw at you. Hopefully, life throws you lots of occasions. Cycling Ones, fine dining, cinematic and otherwise. Ok, now back to business. Stay tuned this weekend (which I know that no one actually does) because there is a lot of...well, Summer in the air. Good things to come.

Remember to send over photos of your Silk Scarf for SSF. That's Silk Scarf Fridays.
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