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086: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!
I found this taped to the bathroom wall over at Veloshop. Eddy, let me tell you friend, you are looking good. Lets talk about his style here for a moment. I love the fact that he's lying in the sand in a long sleeved shirt. Hold that, not just a long shirt, but also long pants, and to top it off White Socks with his loafers. And the best part is that it isn't even a cool-weather beach shot, which I could understand. Check out the couple behind him. Amazingness.

Sold Out!!
Veloshop. That's the other thing that I wanted to talk about today. They are located in Sunny Portland, OR (211 SW 9th Ave). And I just learned from Cammy over there that they SOLD OUT!! She had to actually call up my man James and order more because they couldn't keep them in stock. Success!

Embrocation Volume One!
I also learned, in case you're wondering... that Cascade Cycling (122 N Killingsworth St) over in North Portland actually has a stack of Embrocation Volume One. Wha! It just keeps getting better because those have been sold out through us for weeks, nay, months now. AND they're selling them for $15 a piece to try and get rid of them. Maybe what they don't know is that a couple of them sold on Ebay a while back for over $60. Ok, it was one, but whatever.

This is Dave. He and Dan run the shit over there, so stop in and say hi to them. Hopefully, when you stop in there, because you will stop in there, Little Fox will be in there too. So, ask Dave if you can see his tattoo of Little Fox and I'm sure he'll make you a deal and sell you two Embrocations for $30. What a steal. Check it out.
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