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078: Endless Summer — Rapha Continental

Slate and I went camping the other night. Once we realized that space was a commodity at Chez Bravo, where we decided to bed down for the night, it was up to the roof for us. Luckily it didn't rain and was quite a beautiful night.

The ironic part about the situation was that the whole trip so far we've been talking about camping. Saying we should camp in West Virginia, Georgia, or even North Carolina. Then, where do we go and actually set out our sleeping bags?


However, before we actually got to hit the sack, so to speak, we hung out over at the newly opened Ace Hotel in Manhattan. Really nice place that made me feel quite at home on the road. I couldn't tell if that was because the drinks were exceptionally strong and cold, or because of the almost excessive amount of stuffed animals on the walls.

Slate decided to do a little test of current technology while we were there:
Embrocation Twitter.
Rapha Twitter.

What he did was post this:
"We are going to get a beer at the new NYC Ace hotel at 7:30. First person to say hello gets a Rapha cap. -Slate"

And guess who showed up rocking his Embrocation Mudflaps?

Now I know that the photo is slightly turned to the left, but that's Mike Spriggs. The man behind Gage and Desoto. You can find some more about him on Pedal Strike, who recently did a little profile on Mike and the NYC Velo Shop.

Which, coincidentally enough is one of our newest Embrocation Cycling Journal Dealers. So, if you're in the area, you should go check them out.

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