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061: Battenkill in Photos

Let us step away from one Roubaix to the other for a minute here.

Tour of the Battenkill went off again this past weekend. Always a great mixture of pain, suffering, dirt roads, short steep climbs and "attrition" (which is the one word I've heard more than any other when describing bicycle racing). A favorite among New England cyclists who just love to consider themselves "hardmen." I may, or may not be guilty of the same situation?

The Gaulzetti bicycles were a hit. Their green and navy blue paint schemes complimented the kits in a way I didn't know possible. All weekend James kept saying "its great when a plan comes together" and he couldn't have been more right.

Weather sort of cooperated. The rain happened only slightly into the race but kept the dust on the backroads from getting too out of control. Nothing was getting through the ammount of actual embrocation that was in effect as well. I swear some of these dudes could use a squeegee on those legs.

This last photo has to be the ominous one for the day. Peter Bradshaw and Corey Burns were the two finishers that didn't flat out during the course. I take that back, Josh didn't flat either, he just had a little trouble with his front carbon clincher.

Big props to PVB for graciously handing me his front wheel when he found me standing alongside the road. I think he said "take it, you look Fresh-er." Thanks PVB, that is what teammates are for.

Should have photos of new products this week...a t-shirt reprinted just in time for summer (we all know there's no spring in Boston right?) and a Bailey Bag that would go well with the new T-Shirts.
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