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043: N a h b s : the T-shirt

I created this t-shirt because I love the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and all that it stands for. Simple, effective and containing some of the people that have been an influence to me over the last year...Sachs, of course Igleheart, and even Retrotec. So, get one before they are gone. The shirt from last year sold right the hell out.

T-shirts are a funny thing. Radio Freddy from BKW (who is sneakily featured in this shirt) once said that Stickers were the currency of the bicycle industry, and I would have to agree. However, stickers would have to be the change that rattles around in your pocket. If only because I've been handing out the same f:izik stickers to everyone I know since returning from the show.

T-shirts would then be the dolla bills.

I've made this reference before. Sort of.

Yet it made me think of a time, not that long ago that we were using T-shirts in any way that we could. To promote races, advance the shop that we were all working for, to wear around the streets of Cambridge. A time when a certain Embrocation was just a gleam in the eyes of...well, me really. So we put up a $100 prime to the first person over the barriers at a race in Long Island. Ryan Trebon won it.

This guy showed up too...

Hit the Photo for the full story...or what happened then.

Good friend Craig Roth designed this Tshirt. And then, someone went and designed a shirt of him. Strange how that works...
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