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024: Ira Ryan Open Shop Event

Ira Ryan opened up his shop for me yesterday to get a little sneak peak into what he's doing. So, dear readers (can I call you that?), if you happen to be in the Portland area this weekend you should stop in to check it out.

His walls are lined with vintage cycling posters and it might be worth it solely to check out his personal armada of bicycles. My favorite is his pink commuter that he put together with custom racks and an integrated handlebar (with brake levers welded in).

I have been spending a little bit of time with Ira and he's quite the interesting cat. We have cooked up more than one little scheme that may be developing over the coming weeks/months/years...stay tuned for that I guess.

Here are a few other interesting facts about Ira. Only you'll have to go to his Open Shop Event to find out which ones are true and which ones I just made up.

1) His morning routine involves oatmeal with a wide assortment of additives: figs, dates, almonds, brown sugar, and love.

2) His favorite Cyclist is André Tchmil.

3) Ira is known through the cycling world as "that guy who slept in a ditch overnight to finish that one race that wasn't really a race."

4) Mexican Votive Candles are his one true passion.

5) He's hopeful about the way that the handmade bicycle industry is going.

6) He rides hard with Rapha Continental always on his mind and in his heart.

7) He's actually a hit-man for Sacha White.

Anway, if this little list doesn't go to show that he's an interesting character ( he is from the Midwest) then I think going to check out his shop will.
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