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022: Sierra Road San José...and a Calf.

Sierra Road from Carey S-H on Vimeo.

Carey shot this video of yours truly climbing Sierra Road in San José, CA. (ps..if you want a real treat, check out her trip photos on Flickr) This is one of the better climbs that I've ever been on. I think that it has something to do with the fact that both times I've ridden this road the weather has been absolutely perfect. When it starts to hurt, lactic acid screaming at you from the depths of your legs, just take a look to your right, or left depending on which switchback you happen to be on and you'll be treated with some of the most achingly beautiful vistas in the country.

Well, it just so happened that there was a loose calf on the road that day and as Carey drove support she also pulled off the PRO manuever of shooting video whilst driving. Its a manuever that I don't recommend on busy highways, but the other nature of this climb that makes it wonderful is the complete lack of vehicular traffic on it.

This is one of my personal favorites of the photos that she took. We were riding along Hwy 1, I think, or 101, or something spectacular (don't ask me to follow cue sheets either, because that's when we get lost.) Dave, who's a pretty rad cat as well, was shooting some video as we cruised along on our bicycles, but he was set up with the ocean behind him when she snapped this off on her handy little Canon G10.

I keep forgetting to put up the list of roadkill that I saw on this trip, but was wondering how to tie it in to the screening of My Best Fiend that I saw the other night. I guess they kind of go hand in hand, because, as was apparent throughout the film Werner Herzog and the star of his films Klaus Kinski stopped at nothing to get their films made, leaving behind a veritable wreckage of not only broken human lives but a little bloodshed as well. So, that's kind of like roadkill on the road of life, right?

I'll leave you with this photo I took inside a bathroom in Santa Cruz.
Mind you, I took the photo, I did not write the writing.

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