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021: T-Shirts Are Ready to Ship to You.

With the help of my man James the T-shirts are up on the site and ready for purchase.

I know, I know...great timing, economic downturn and all, yet I can't help but try to impress upon you just how great these two shirts are. The purple...or Aubergine one was designed by reader/Embrocation enthusiast Keith Plunkett. If he had a website that I knew about I would totally put a link right there. I would even make it a bold link, so Keith, when you see this don't hesitate for a moment, because the world wants to see your art.

The second one, green as can be, was designed by Jesse LaLonde. Who coincidentally (or not) wrote a piece that was featured in Embrocation Vol2.5 (sold out) about how he bunny hopped some barriers and thrashed his collar bone at the same time. "Boo." That's what I have to say to that. Mr. LaLonde has some amazing graphics though on his site. I'm looking forward to meeting up with Jesse at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show late in February to see what he's got cooking up for graphics and racing this coming summer.

And I love Luchador masks. They have a special place in my heart and I don't know why. Maybe it is this idea that not only are these wrestlers the Mexican equivalent to our WWF, but they don't show their faces. Once you take away their identity in that way they can be whomever they choose and I've always felt akin to this idea. This idea of being able to reinvent yourself time after time.

More than a few people commented that while they liked the Mask T-shirt it just didn't fit in with the brand image that has come to be Embrocation Cycling Journal. I disagree for just this reason. Why else would people put on these fantastical lycra costumes than to reinvent themselves? To step out of whatever it is that you're wearing or doing to put on a superhero costume and ride around town or country.

It is a good feeling. Go with it.

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