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018: Documentation

The riding may be over, but the documenting is never over.

You'll have to wait a little while to see the photos that come back from this little "adventure" that isn't entirely over. As they were shot with these antiquated cameras. Apparently they take real film not just digital memory cards. They tend to look amazing-er than the digital stuff as well. Although, Velodramatic may beg to differ as he's pretty amazing behind the lens of a digital camera. Check out his most recent post as he put up a gallery of images that he shot during his time with the Conti-Crew.

Also check out Daniel's write up's on

I don't even know where to begin in telling the tale of the Rapha Continental Tour of California preview. So, I made a list of the food that I ate this morning. Yesterday we climbed over Palomar mountain. Was not too hungry after the 100 mile ride, but this morning was another story.

1 Grande coffee from starbucks
1 sausage egg and cheese from the same
2 packages of lucky charms from hotel lobby
2 mini blueberry muffins
1 cinnamon roll

Then we headed over to Auntie Em's for an amazing breakfast (no, the above wasn't breakfast, it was more of a precursor.)

2 coffees Intelligentsia this time
1 order of biscuits and gravy with
3 over easy eggs on top
1 coconut cupcake

disgusting I know.
but it held me over for hours.

I've also made a list of the roadkill that I've seen, but I figured that the two probably wouldn't go together that well and decided to save that for another post.
or at least an hour.
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