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004: Belgie, Day One

Question: Why don't the Pro's step through when they dismount?
Answer: "Uh..because they're fast." -The MC. (Molly Cameron)

I'm going to start referring to Molly as The MC for a couple of reasons. One, because it kind of makes me think of The JC, as in Jesu Christo, which she kind of is, but in a more Tart-ish way. And Two, because somehow I have a feeling that Molly is going to be the mc of the week here in Westerlo, Belgium. Already she's been my personal tour-guide pointing out all the little special points along the way...

So, this is the first day in Belgium. I have to say, I'm in. Way in.
There was a World Cup poster on the way in to Westerlo. It blew my mind, partly because Boonen is on it. Then, we walked in to our host house and promptly watched the Diegem race, live on TV. The presentation was better than any pro football game I've ever seen in the states. Best part was, during the hour long race there was only one commercial break, and while they took the break they still kept the race showing in the corner of the screen while the commercials played out.

Then we promptly headed to The Big Mmm for some burgers, which Rigo straightaway covered with any sort of sauce you could imagine. I asked for extra mayonaise. He gave me a shot of Gin. One could not make this stuff up. We then returned to the house to find Peter re-wrapping his bars (white) on his brothers X-Knight (which was, incidentally Erwin Vervecken's WC bike.)

Now we're back to watching taped cyclocross races.

Tomorrow we're heading to the Middelkerke to watch Molly race.

This is going to be a good trip.

Also check out Steven Hunter's sweet pic of Boom on he's staying here as well (not Boom, Hunter), so hopefully we'll have the race covered. Video. Photo. And Awesomeness to say the least.
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